Monday, September 29, 2008

Bold Black and White

Jenna and Travis were a fantastic and beautiful couple. Their wedding was coordinated by the always amazing Sandy Walker of In Awe Weddings. You can check out more of their pictures on the In Awe Weddings Blog.

Jenna had really creative ideas for her paper products, and it was a pleasure to work with her. It was a joy to create products that were unique. Thank you to Kevin King for the photos.

Jenna chose a patterned paper from Envelopments. They had a black and white color scheme, so it worked well and set the tone for a fun, yet elegant, atmosphere. I LOVED that she chose such a bold pattern for the outside of the invite. We put them in clear envelopes, so it had a lot of impact upon arrival in the mail. Jenna wanted stand up menus, which also included a favor, for each guest (pictured below). It was a refreshing twist to the normal flat menu!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Martha Stewart Blogging Show

If you want to learn a few tips and tricks about blogging, tune in to Martha Stewart tomorrow, Wednesday, September 17th. Perez Hilton is going to be on, so it should be interesting! Go to Martha's website for more info.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sneak Peak

Here is a Sneak Peak of my new blogplusweb site designed by Ryan Brannen :) I am so excited to be nearing completion! Recently, Emily Estfan of EME Photography and Renee Bergman of Renee Bergman Photography each shot photos of my work for my website. The photos are EXCELLENT, and I can hardly wait for everyone to see their fine work! Check out a few of the photos on Emily's blog!

My mom and I have started the Christmas shopping process. Wedding Season will be in full swing soon, which won't leave us much time to shop! I have been having a hard time getting into the Christmasy mood, so I watched Elf and the new Miracle on 34th Street while designing the 2008 Christmas cards. Both are excellent flicks, I must say! Starting in October sometime, I am going to post the "Christmas Present Idea of the Week" so make sure you check back in for that!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

Okay, so it's not so soon, but it's time to start thinking about your Christmas cards! You have 3 months to have a family photo taken or to choose the theme for this year's cards. I love designing anything and everything that has to do with Christmas! The designs above are some of my favorites from last year. Thanks to Emily Estfan of EME Photography for the photos.

I can create a custom design just for you, or you can choose from the Flossy Catalog. You can have anything from a beautiful photo card to an elaborate creation.

3 reasons why I love to receive Christmas cards:
1. Receiving anything in the mail is really exciting to me (except for bills).

2. I love Christmas.

3. I love seeing all of the family photos and reading the fun notes.

Speaking of notes...
I am offering designs for electronic newsletters. My sister inspired me to create some designs to which we can add personalized letters. Yearly Christmas newsletters are great to send to family and friends to inform them of the year's events. I like to include photos on the newsletters as well. I'm offering these designs in a format that you can either e-mail or mail to your recipients.

Speaking of Photos...
Check out what EME Photography is offering for family Christmas photos this year! This is a fantastic deal! Isn't the Ad super cute? :) Click here to visit the blog.